New Life Makes Me Happy!

As you think back to this last Christmas, what was your best gift? My best gift came Christmas night! A young man for whom I had been praying for quite some time came up to me and said, “I did it.” He meant, “I put my trust in Jesus!” Of all the things that make me happy here on this earth, I cannot think of much that makes me more happy than birth. The birth of my three sons made me happy! The birth of my three granddaughters made2016-01-09 21.56.16-1 me happy! The new birth of a person who has just put their trust in Jesus makes me really happy! In John 3:3 Jesus told Nicodemus, “. . . unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God” (ESV). Want to experience something that really makes you happy?! Start praying for someone  you know to put their trust in Jesus, and watch what God does!

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