So Many Ways to Read the Bible

There are so many ways to read the Bible! The important thing is that we read it! I like to mix it up. Sometimes I like to just read a few verses and think about them, asking the Holy Spirit to teach me from them. Right now I am reading entire books at one sitting. The “Readers Bible” from Crossway is a great tool for that. There are no chapter divisions or verses numbered. It is just like reading any book. Remember, the Bible is the only book that God ever wrote! I have so appreciated reading a book of the Bible in its entirety in one or two sittings. When I am done, I just write down a few gleanings about God I have seen. For example, I just read Genesis. What rich truths stood out as I experienced the overall flow of the book! Give it a try! Remember, there are many ways to read the Bible. The important thing is to read it! God uses the Bible, by means of His Holy Spirit, to speak to us!

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1 Response to So Many Ways to Read the Bible

  1. Greg Forseen says:

    I am reading a chronological (NLT) bible. It has helped me to better understand the timeline of the OT much better. I can better understand what king was in power and which prophet was preaching to each nation which also helps me to better understand the message. It has really been a fun read for me.


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