Radical Commitment

This little gem came from my father’s library. I just read it today. Wow! What a great read! Vernon GroundFile May 10, 1 35 41 PMs, President Emeritus of Denver Seminary who passed away in 2010, penned an easy-to-read, concise explanation of how to be a committed disciple of Jesus. Only 124 pages and 10 short chapters, this is a book that even those who do not like reading will find valuable. Published by Multnomah Press in 1984, you can still buy it on Amazon. I am going to start buying used copies to give to people and am thinking about doing a sermon series with one sermon based on each chapter. A friend of mine recently said to me, “I just do not get how to live the every-day Christian life.” This book helps answer that question. Buy it. Read it. Give it away. All of us need to continually come back to the basics. This book does it!

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  1. Steven Scheib says:

    From truth one gains wisdom. Thanks Pastor Steve

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