Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Wow! Did I have fun yesterdayFCA Wash Huddle 02.08.2016 sharing the Good News of Jesus with almost 100 local high school students in two separate sessions! Our area FCA director had a last minute mix-up of schedules with a speaker and asked me Friday afternoon if I could cover. It was my day off! I need down time! But I said “yes.” Am I glad I said yes! My spiritual bucket was full as I left. I talked about how we can trust God even when things in our lives don’t work out as we planned. These students were respectful and attentive as I talked about Jesus for 20 minutes. It is so exciting to see Jesus proclaimed by FCA in local high schools all across our area. Thanks Eastern Iowa FCA for a great day off!!!

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1 Response to Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  1. bryanregier says:

    Finally caught up to this post. Great image … great crowd. Great day off(: Hope you have the chance again soon …


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