We Don’t Praise the Lord Enough

I just did the funeral for a man who just two weeks before his death, in a moment of clarity in the midst of his dementia, told his son, “We don’t praise the Lord enough.” David, as he looked back over his life, wrote, “I call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised” (2 Samuel 22:4a). When David w2015-09-01 08.19.00rote that the LORD is “worthy to be praised,” he was thinking of the countless times God had broken through the heavens and helped him. God faithfully provides for those who depend on Him. David recounted those times of God’s provision, stacking them up like firewood. When we step back and stack up the times that God has provided, we are moved to declare His faithfulness. It reminds us that He is worthy of our trust. It reminds us that He is our rock. It gives us joy.

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1 Response to We Don’t Praise the Lord Enough

  1. Steven R. Scheib says:

    STEVE, I was really lifted Sunday from the message of the promises of God’s Word. I’m a news hound and with everything going on in the world today, I sometimes wonder if God has turned His back on men? I know better, but the enemy suggests it often. Thanks for the boost! I needed it going into a 2 week road trip. Keep on keeping on! Steve >


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